Water is the most abundant substance on Earth. It also makes up 60 percent of the human body. So, not surprisingly, it’s something your body needs a steady supply of in order to remain healthy. If you’re not a huge fan of H2O when it comes to your preferred beverages, take a moment to learn just what water can do for your body.

Creating Saliva

Water helps your body maintain sufficient levels of saliva, which is a substance in your mouth that helps with digestion. It also improves oral health and prevents issues with dry mouth. However, saliva production does naturally decrease over time, so drinking more water can compensate for these age-related changes.

Regulating Body Temperature

Another wonderful thing water can do for your body is help regulate its temperature. If you don’t replenish H2O you lose naturally through sweating, which is your body’s method of cooling itself, you’ll also lose electrolytes and plasma. This creates an imbalance that makes it difficult for various internal functions to be completed effectively.

Boosting Physical Performance

Staying sufficiently hydrated is an effective way to boost your body’s strength, power, and endurance. This is especially important if you regularly exercise or participate in various athletic activities, like playing sports or running. If you’re not careful about hydration, you may experience serious health problems because of decreased blood pressure or hyperthermia.

Warding Off Illness

Water has the power to prevent or reduce your risk of developing certain illness or conditions. For instance, being sufficiently hydrated could minimize issues with constipation and exercise-induced asthma. Water may also make you less likely to experience:

• Urinary tract infections (UTIs)
• Kidney stones
• High blood pressure (hypertension)

Keeping Spinal Discs Spongy

The spongy discs that cushion your spinal bones are made mostly of water, but their moisture level decreases with age. If your spinal discs are dehydrated, they can shrink and contribute to disc herniation and other painful spine-related problems.

Other Good Things Water Does for Your Body

There’s evidence suggesting a lack of sufficient hydration could affect your brain by contributing to problems with focus, alertness, and short-term memory. Water also has the potential to positively affect your mood and keep your skin healthy by promoting collagen production. Water can also help out your body by:

• Improving blood oxygen circulation
• Maintaining a healthy weight
• Boosting nutrient absorption
• Helping waste get out of your body more effectively

Now that you know what water can do for your body, you may be wondering just how much of it you should be drinking on a daily basis. The standard recommendation is eight, 8-ounce glasses per day. It’s also important to drink water even when you don’t feel thirsty, especially when you are active or outdoors for long periods of time on hot days.

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6 benefits of drinking water - an infographic showing what water can do for your body